Beginner's Guide

  1. shadof
    shadof any1 pvp 1v1?
    Sry for my english.

    reg link
    download link

    servers rates is x10.000
    for playing on this server u needs a game shop's gold:
    u may vote for server on this link (1 vote = 10.000 gold)
    or make some donate (1usd=260.000 gold)
    for example : to make Heart of Nature (Striking Dragon fist) u need 1.560.000 gold

    U started in game with:
    1 lvl.
    status flawless (after that u need go culti 1-2-3,as u doing that in others servers with 1.3.6\1.4.0)
    35.000 reputation
    0 gold (if u dont play on this acc before and dont vote)
    0 coins
    when u startet: U're on the class's start locations u can see 2 nps - shop PWPvP and teacher PWPvP
    From this shop u can get something important for first time without a gold.
    And from teacher PWPvP u must take quest for the Supply Stash(open after 100 lvl taken) (inside of this box u have gears and weapon for 14 days) :
    1.★★ 99 sets
    2.★★ rings Sign of Frost: Chaos or Sign of Antiquity: Chaos
    3.[​IMG] Life Everlasting
    4. ★★ Abysmal Tides or other 80 lvl weapon without atk. level (dont work on this serv)
    5. ★★Puzzle Cube Badge·Broken int. or phys.df
    6.★★ Kirin's Storm or Phantom of Light
    7.★★Lunar·Mantle of Glow or Lunar·Mantle of Radiance
    gems for them and orbs u can get in the game shop.

    Kill some mobs and take the coins from them.
    So if u dont have friends or gold on this server only,what u must to do it's killing the mobs before u get 108 lvl. It'll be not so long.
    Or u can buy the fruit (5k gold) from the shop and get 108 as faster as it can be.
    After taking 108 lvl u still can using the fruits (31 fruit = 150 lvl) or use the hypers[​IMG] (15k gold,u need 5 of them to have rates x10 ( 10k x 10 ) and go to the arena. But, the mobs on the arena are hard to beat them ,that's why u need party to lvlups. (with good party u'll have 150 lvl after 1 hour)

    Now about culti:
    Its like it was before chrono.
    And u must take it by yourself or with party.

    We have some grades of the gears
    130 is crafting with random stats but with grading u can save them if u want (grade can made only one time)
    99 ★★★★★ General Summer
    130 ★★★ without grade → ★★★
    140 ★★★★★ (arena)
    Helmets from 29 dangeon and Feet too ★★★★★ PW Boutique Agent

    80 ★★★★★ Warsoul Spirit
    100хх ★★★★★
    130 ★★★ without grade → ★★★

    95 ★★★★★ General Summer
    130 ★★★ without grade → ★★★
    140 ★★★★★ (arena)
    Wings of Cloudcharger → ★★

    80 cube ★★ Vain → ★★ Emptiness → ★★ Broken → ★★★ Defiance
    95 rings ★★★★★
    100 from moon ★★ chrono
    130 ★★★ without grade → ★★★
    ★★Warsoul of Naught → ★★★
    Phantom of Light → ★★★
    Kirin's Storm →★★★
    Seal of Eternal Solitude → ★★★★★

    Тhe most importantly for u nps is Mysterious Merchant,Warsoul Spirit, General Summer, PW Boutique Agent, PWPvP shop, boilers in the south west of the city of dragons,Duke Blacke, teleport masters (tp after 150 lvl to the chrono)

    some materials:
    [​IMG]steel polimaterial - reward for cube,Bounty Hunter,Duke Blacke quest ( smthng like crazy stone- u need to give the 4 lvl gems), Killing the pirates on an island near the 79 dungeon.
    Needs to create a lot of grades
    stele - Warsoul: Manjusri[​IMG] is only from Mysterious Merchant. Warsoul: Jakari 2015-05-31_144751.png is hard to craft (
    crash the 100 stuffs from the moon).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] silicon - last boss on the moon\ roving bosses on the island near the 79 dungeon(from this roving boses u can also take this : cube-move [​IMG] and book of fate [​IMG] )

    [​IMG] book of fate - reward for bounty hunter.Needs to create a books. (Also can be created using a 7 x Warsoul: Manjusri[​IMG])
    [​IMG]cube-move - reward for passage of the cube. Needs to create a cube

    formes of twillings(100xx) weapons - 3-3 twillings group mode boses ,
    high lvl numbers of monsters
    1: [​IMG]
    killing 45 mobs then using the fly program and killing bosses - fly programm (take off ur fly in the game before u used this programm)
    [​IMG]golden mask[​IMG]
    [​IMG]Twilight Scepter[​IMG]
    Heart of Nature[​IMG]

    [​IMG]140 formes + [​IMG]mirrors - world map boses
    The king of ice crystals (with a fall intovye forms) - 446 969 (60)
    Phoenix raging flame (light form) - 344 675 (21)
    Phantom lord of the underworld (heavy forms) - 415 591 (22)

    King Cobra - 582 986 (21)
    Resp boss every 5 hours. Since it falls Red Sword x2[​IMG] - res necessary for weapons grade twentieth and Light of Warsoul[​IMG]. This can be exchanged for an item of Warsoul: Manjusri[​IMG].

    Also in the dungeon 29 (Boneyard) have two bosses - Skeleton Souleater. Spawn time - every 6 hours. With them, the glory of the Order[​IMG] falls x1 and x20 crystal fragment[​IMG].

    Loot bosses with quite highly valued and in great demand. Therefore, during these bosses spawn occur most ambitious fans. This option earnings will suit you if you prefer fun PvP boring crafting or sticking out in Hue.

    I used this guide from forum If u use google translator,I think u can find more. Later I'll show u more information.

    and a little bit more:
    adm'll give u this stuffs for 30 days
    ★★★Lunar·Mantle of Glow
    ★★★Lunar·Mantle of Radiance
    ★★★Badge of the Cube: Defiance
    ★★★Badge of the Cube: Defiance
    ★★★Kirin's Storm
    ★★★Phantom of Light
    ★★★Sign of Frost: Chaos x2
    ★★★Sign of Antiquity: Chaos x2
    ★★★Gale of the Tiger
    ★★★Flowing Stardust
    ★★★Single Butterfly
    ★★★Abysmal Tides
    ★★★140 top sets light\heavy\int
    [​IMG] Dominance book int or phys

    The easiest way to make wealth - to sell items from the shop. The most popular punches and stones of the universe. Find them in the shop can be reached at Miscellaneous - Gifts.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1k of one of this stuffs = 90-100 horns[​IMG]
    10k shop's gold = 90-100 horns
    1 horn = 20.000.000 coins from mobs
    horns - the main currency of the server.
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